Building an interim release

This article outlines the process of building and uploading an interim release of Epsilon.

  • Check out the interim update site project: org.eclipse.epsilon.updatesite.interim
  • Delete the folders features and plugins, and the files artifacts.jar and content.jar under it (if they already exist)
  • Open site.xml and click the Build All button
  • Connect via SFTP to and go to directory /home/data/httpd/
  • Create a new folder named interim-new
  • Upload the folders features and plugins, and the files site.xml and index.html under the interim-new remote folder
  • When uploading is complete, rename the interim remote folder to interim-old and the interim-new folder to interim
  • Try to install the new interim version on a clean Eclipse Modelling distribution through the interim update site:
  • If everything seems to be working fine, update any resolved bug reports as discussed in the Release Process section of this article
  • Use the standalone/org.eclipse.epsilon.standalone plugin's build-jars.xml Ant script to generate new versions of the standalone JARs, and upload these via SFTP to interim-jars.
  • Go to examples/examples.xml on the website and update the values of interim attributes to true