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Date: 2020-02-04


  • Mark

  • Tanja

  • Dmitry

  • Ivar

  • Kevin

  • Tanja

Project ID Changes

Discussed project ID changes. The PMC would like the projects to propose a new name in an issue for PMC approval before sending it to webmaster. Or is this covered by existing processes? Does a rename require a PMC approval automatically? Or do we need an extra step?

Action: Ivar will check if the Eclipse bug tracker can have a "PMC Approval" button like the Project creation and Voting mechanisms. (DONE, confirmed by Wayne.)

Jakarta Tools Project

Follow up the discussion in the Jakarta EE Platform call about moving tools and plugins out of the GlassFish project to a Jakarta Tools Project.

The PMC is fine with splitting out these tools from the GlassFish project. We will email the GF project lead and say go ahead.


Follow up on the TCK discussion on the Jakarta EE Platform mailing list. Do we need to do anything?

The PMC encourages initiatives to split the TCK as long as it does not affect the upcoming Jakarta EE 9 release. There is a concern that the component TCK and the CTS will diverge. The Platform TCK is the source of truth for certification. For Jakarta EE 10 and forward, we should try to align the frameworks used. A plan for this work is required.

Number of project leads

Discussed the discussion following proposal for three project leads on the Servlet project.

DECISION: The PMC will be reluctant to approving more than two project leads for any EE4J project going forward. With the exception of the Jakarta EE Platform project.

Next Meeting

Tuesday, March 4 at 17:00 CET (11:00AM ET, 08:00AM PT)

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