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Date: 2018-09-11


  • Dmitry

  • Wayne

  • Tanja

  • Kevin

  • David

  • Ivar

Action Items

Reviewed, discussed and updated the GitHub Issues.

Discussed the notion of temporary committers in the setup phase. The EDP allows the PMC to add/remove committers under exceptional circumstances. These cases to be discussed on the PMC mailing list followed by a request to the EMO

CI/CD Pipelines

Follow up on Actions:

Dmitry updated on the status. There are sessions planned for getting people up to speed on setting up CI/CD pipelines. Discussed the schedule and possible deadlines for the release of Eclipse GlassFish 5.1. Will be published on the PMC mailing list when ready.


  • Contribution of assessments to complete (IP checks slow)

  • Community commitment to CI/CD

  • No experience with simultaneous release reviews

Community Day at ECE

The PMC encourages community members and vendors to join and contribute to making this a successful event.

CQ Workswith

Follow up on Action:

All PMC members go through the workswith CQ and give a +1 in comment field if ok.

Next Meeting

Tuesday Sep 25 at 17:00 CET

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