Edapt - Getting Involved

There are different ways to get involved:

  • File a bug - file bugs and feature requests
  • Gerrit - use Gerrit Code Review to create and submit your patches

How to setup your IDE

  • Get the latest Eclipse Modeling Tools for your platform.
  • Download the Zip of the latest Edapt release from the download section
  • In your IDE go to Preferences => Plug-In Development => API Baselines and set the unzipped Edapt release as the API Baseline.
  • Check out the Edapt source code from

    git://git.eclipse.org/gitroot/edapt/org.eclipse.emf.edapt.git (anonymous)


    ssh://committer_id@git.eclipse.org:29418/edapt/org.eclipse.emf.edapt (Gerrit)

  • Import the source code and set the edapt_with_cdo.target target.