Please navigate to the EMF Forms web site, as ECP is now merged into EMFForms.


This page describes the guidelines for creating new plugins and features for ECP.

General settings

These settings can be modified in the "New Plug-in Project/New Feature" wizards.

Plugin runtime

When defining the export packages on the runtime tab, please note the following:
Plugins should export all defined packages. The exported packages should not be visible by default.

If you don't want to make a potential API package visible yet, please follow the "org.eclipse.emf.ecp" naming convention but mark the package as not visible.

Plugin dependencies

When adding dependencies to your project please note the following giudelines:
Usually we use "Required Plug-ins" to add dependencies that we need. There is one exceptions: If you add dependencies to SWT/JFace you have to use "Imported Packages".

Required legal files

When creating a new plugin make sure to copy the "about.html" from an existing plugin to your project. Then open the and add the about.html to the Binary as well as to the Source Build.

Formatting & co

Generating new models

If you have to create a new EMF Model follow these steps before generating:

Extension Point Guidelines

When adding a new extension point please mind the following guidelines: