News entries for February 2018

2018-02-13 A first nightly build of Eclipse NeoSCADA™ 0.5.0

Finally the first nightly build of Eclipse NeoSCADA™ 0.5.0 arrived!

A short summary of the changes:

  • Switched from git at the Eclipse Foundation to github
  • Switched to Eclipse Oxygen and Java 8 as base platform
  • Switched completely to JDeb & RPM-Builder to create Debian & RPM files, which should allow to do the complete build on Windows
  • The artifact names of the products and features have changed to org.eclipse.neoscada and for the deb/RPM packages to neoscada.*

Because of the name changes the release links are broken right now, this will be fixed in the next few days! Also the update site will not work at the moment, because the composite repository will not be created in the current build - again, reason for this: all the name changes.

Also see the New and Noteworthy page in the wiki.

Update (2018-06-06): updated nightly link to latest nightly build

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