News entries for April 2016

2016-04-14 Eclipse NeoSCADA™ 0.3.0 released

We are proud to finally announce Eclipse NeoSCADA™ 0.3.0!

Again it took us a quite a bit longer than expected, although this time it was due to scheduling issues. We hope to pick up the pace with the new releases. In a couple of days the first 0.4 milestone will be available, but this will only be of interest at first to people who deploy to RPM based systems.

The 0.3 realease was more or less focused as it turned out to fix a lot of minor issues and improvement of usability in some corners of the system.

So the main improvements are:

  • Improved REST API
  • Upgrade to Mars
  • Systemd support
  • Filesystem watcher based configuration updates
  • Memory/Performance improvements in the HMI

Also see the New and Noteworthy page in the wiki.

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