A new name: Eclipse NeoSCADA™


A new name: With release 0.3 Eclipse SCADA will become Eclipse NeoSCADA

In 2013 through the move to the Eclipse foundation, the existing openSCADA project became Eclipse SCADA. Being a very industrial oriented project it naturally has a different audience than most other projects hosted at the Eclipse foundation. The presence there has encouraged new users to try it out, even if they won't use right now. Although industrial customers are traditionally very conservative in their choice of software, and more likely to use systems build by larger corporations, this is changing right now. Eclipse SCADA for instance, is now used in three different projects at E.ON. Projects like Eclipse SCADA are seen as a way to escape vendor lock-in, which has become stronger and more problematic over the past few years. That in turn means, we will see more and more of these approaches, also at the Eclipse Foundation.

Over time sometimes adjustments have to be made. Eclipse SCADA is now on a relatively stable path. That means that the upcoming 0.3 release will not bring a lot new features, but it is focused on improvements and refinements of the existing system. One big change on the other hand is the renaming of Eclipse SCADA to Eclipse NeoSCADA, which became necessary for trademark reasons. It also brings the naming more in line with the naming policy of other Eclipse projects. Since SCADA is a very generic term, NeoSCADA will improve the recognizability as a specific project within and out of the Eclipse foundation.

For now the new name mostly affects the name of the project itself and the infrastructure at the Eclipse foundation. New bundles and packages will get the new name, existing interfaces won't be affected for now. The goal for the 1.0 release, though, is to have all bundles and packages renamed to neoscada. The migration path will be outlined in due time.