News entries for January 2015

2015-01-29 Eclipse SCADA 0.2.0 released

We are proud to finally announce Eclipse SCADA 0.2.0!

It took us a little bit longer than expected, but this was due to the issues with IEC 60870. We had to remove this for the moment and will hopefully provide this in Eclipse SCADA 0.3.0. In the meantime it is available in openSCADA 1.3, also licensed under the EPL.

So the main new features (besides numerous cleanups, fixes and minor enhancements) are:

  • Compatibility with Java 8
  • An enhanced chart
  • An improved test client
  • A greatly improved configuration IDE (wizard, server manager, ...)
  • The rsyslog protocol RELP
  • Preview of Charts and VI process screens in the IDE
  • Reduced deployment footprint

Also see the New and Noteworthy page in the wiki.

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