News entries for September 2014

2014-09-29 Milestone 0.2.0-M7 released

Last week we built the Milestone release 0.2.0-M7 of Eclipse SCADA. While the major changes are in now, we intend to focus on bug fixes in order to head towards the release 0.2.0. The main issue preventing us from releasing 0.2.0 is more a legal issue than a technical one. Hopefully we will resolve this the next few weeks so we can release 0.2.0.

Beside some bug fixes and cleanups, and a few enhancements in the protocols and UI area, we added a nice little feature to the Alarms & Events system. Eclipse SCADA itself has now an implementation of the RELP protocol stack for reliable syslog event transmission over TCP. These events can then be streamed from external syslog servers directly into the Eclipse SCADA Alarms & Events system. And also is it possible to defined state monitors on these events, just like for the HTTP based event source.

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