EclipseLink Solutions Guide for EclipseLink
Release 2.5

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Beta Draft: 2013-04-04

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What's New in This Guide

1 Introduction

2 Installing EclipseLink

3 Using EclipseLink with WebLogic Server

4 Using EclipseLink with GlassFish Server

5 Using EclipseLink with JBoss 7 Application Server

6 Migrating from Native TopLink

7 Migrating from Hibernate to EclipseLink

8 Using Multiple Databases with a Composite Persistence Unit

9 Scaling Applications in Clusters

10 Providing Software as a Service

11 Making JPA Entities and JAXB Beans Extensible

12 Using an External MetaData Source

13 Tenant Isolation Using EclipseLink

14 Mapping JPA to XML

15 Converting Objects to and from JSON Documents

16 Testing JPA Outside a Container

17 Enhancing Performance

18 Exposing JPA Entities Through RESTful Services Using EclipseLink Data Services

19 Using Database Events to Invalidate the Cache

20 Using EclipseLink with NoSQL Databases

21 Using EclipseLink with the Oracle Database

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