Java Persistence API (JPA) Extensions Reference for EclipseLink, Release 2.4
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Specify multiple discriminator columns for single-table multitenancy by using the @TenantDiscriminatorColumns annotation to contain multiple @TenantDiscriminatorColumn annotations.

Annotation Elements

Table 2-68 describes this annotation's elements.

Table 2-68 @TenantDiscriminatorColumns Annotation Elements

Annotation Element Description Default

TenantDiscriminatorColumn value

(Optional) One or more TenantDiscriminatorColumn annotations.



You must use the @TenantDiscriminatorColumns annotation to contain multiple @TenantDiscriminatorColumn annotations. The @TenantDiscriminatorColumns annotation cannot be used alone, and multiple the @TenantDiscriminatorColumn annotations cannot be used alone, without @TenantDiscriminatorColumns.


@Table(name = "EMPLOYEE") 
    @TenantDiscriminatorColumn(name = "TENANT_ID", contextProperty = “tenant-id)
    @TenantDiscriminatorColumn(name = "TENANT_CODE", contextProperty = “tenant-code)})

See "@TenantDiscriminatorColumn" for more examples of @TenantDiscriminatorColumns.

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