User Assistance Features in Eclipse 3.4

By Chris Goldthorpe, IBM


All of the feature requests for Eclipse 3.4 can be found in Bugzilla. Below is a summary of the major new features together with a link to the corresponding Bugzilla entry which contains more information.

Bug 198397 – Apply a universal CSS stylesheet to all help topics. This feature allows document creators to apply a style sheet to all documents in the help system, not just the ones they have authored.

Bug 200031 – Custom 404 error page for a product's Help. Allows the error page to be specified at the product level.

Bug 149965 – [Help] 'Show in table of content' should be toggle button. The navigation tree in the Help web application can now follow the content page when hyperlinks are clicked.

Bug 182425 – [Help] Add Index to Help menu. A command has been added which allows the enablement of the Help/Index command.

A number of changes have been made to the context help view including Bug 100959 – [Help][Context] "Sibling products in a common source tree" seems to be related to almost every view and Bug 121612 – [Help][Context] Dynamic help should show a message when no search results found.

Bug 195144 – [] TOC is not sorted logically or alphabetically. Toc entries are now sorted alphabetically if no other order is specified.

Bug 209059 – [Intro] Allow Universal Intro to default to non-root page. This allows the root page of Universal intro to be replaced by a product specific page while still using the remaining pages of universal intro.

Bug 202160 – [Help] Add a feature for the Eclipse help system. This makes it easier to create RCP applications which use the help system.

Bug 201666 – [Webapp] Changes made for to help system to use it as a WAR. The help Webapp can be packaged as a Web archive by following a sequence of instructions. This allows the infocenter to be run on a wide range of Web Servers.

Bug 107648 – [Help] Boost rank of Search hits when content match is in <title>. This has the effect of improving the quality of search results.