Status of Splitting org.eclipse.ui

Kai-Uwe Maetzel, Daniel Megert
25th September 2002

This is the release note we sent out on the platform-ui-dev mailing list.

We have completed the initial transition to the new structure of  org.eclipse.ui.

Kim updated the CVS module platform-ui to contain all the plug-ins that  are part of the new structure. Dean ran a nightly build to make sure that the new structure does not cause serious build failures. We ran multiple tests to ensure that the new layout can be used for self hosting. To update your workspace you can delete org.eclipse.ui and check out the module platform-ui. You can work with binary projects by importing org.eclipse.ui and all its required projects using the PDE import wizard.

In addition to the changes outlined in the announcement we made the following modifications:

When working with the new layout you might see the following types of  problems:

Please keep in mind that the new structure is an initial version. There are open issues and the org.eclipse.ui team will decide about further restructuring if necessary.