Test Pass Two: JDT-UI, JDT Text, Platform Compare, Platform Text, and Platform Search


General Items (everybody)

Use of different fonts (everybody)

Workspace Setup

Setup workspace in a way unusual compared to your normal setup. Testing should take place in one of the following workspace setups. When setting up the workspace test also the functionality to setup this workspace style:

Java Editor in Single Method mode (Dirk, Christof, Danny, Thomas)

Multiple Windows (Martin, Christof, Thomas, Tom)

Multiple Editor Areas (Martin, Carolyn, Christof, Danny)

Browsing perspective (Andre, Michael, Thomas, Danny)

Automatic workspace refresh (Martin, Michael, Carolyn, Thomas)

Refactoring / Source actions with multiple elements selected (Martin, Andre)

Refactoring / Source actions and file encoding (Tom, Dirk)

Hierarchical Layout in Package Explorer and Packages View (Thomas)

Operations and Locked Workspace (Danny)

Validate-Edit (Michael)

Search - enhanced (Dirk)

JUnit - enhanced (Thomas)

Workspace compatibility (Danny)

Javadoc (Christof)

Refactoring (Danny)

Source Actions (Michael)

Compilation Units not on Build Path (Michael)

Compare (Martin)

Additional text items

New editor functionality

Sanity check new editor functionality. Where available in the default text editor. In case of selection changing action check whether selection sensitive actions such as 'cut' get enabled/disabled and the caret indication in the status line gets updated.

Block 1 ( Tom)
Block 2 (Carolyn)
Block 3 (Carolyn, Christof)

File buffers with annotation model suport (Martin)

Memory scenarios (Carolyn)