Overall Platform Text 2.1 Plan

The overal themes for Platform Text are:

  • Increase editing comfort and usability 
  • Provide infrastructure for allowing custom editors to implement higher level comfort functions 
  • Increase degree of configurability 
  • Bug fixing 

Planned items:

  • Architectural issues 
    • move text into a separate component 
    • allow the usage of the text model without introducing dependencies on UI elements 
    • generalize JDT editor concepts and integrate them into Platform Text 
      • JDT painter support
      • (JDT template engine with emphasis on separate linked position support)
  • Improve test infrastructure and increase test coverage 
  • Customization 
    • Eating content assist infrastructure 
    • Resizable content assist, info popups, and hovers
      • Win 
      • (GTK)
    • (XML configurability (configuration dimensions as extension points, UI for selecting one if only one can be active at one point in time))
    • Allow for an open number of content assists/information popups (different popups required such as tables and trees)
  • Default text editor
    • line numbers
    • preference page 
    • line highlighting (depends on generalized painter support)
    • error indication (depends on generalized painter support)
  • Presentation 
    • (support for highlighting a set of ranges (depends on generalized painter support))
    • folded documents
      • document model
      •  (ruler - UI) 
  • Improved navigation and typing support
    • smart home/end 
    • (anonymous bookmarks (overlap with Platform UI))
    • (editor as drop target)
    • allow custom editors to provide the logic for smart paste
    • jump to last edit position
  • (Editors and none resources)
    • open editor on a java.io.file rather than IFile 
    • support for more abstract editable source than IFile such as IEditableEditorInput
  • validateEdit


  • Generalization of JDT overview ruler 
  • Unification and simplification of painter and text presentation infrastructure 
  • Support for structure editing

Cross team issues with Platform Text involvement

  • Configurable key bindings
  • Navigation history 
  • File encoding
    • text internal solution
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