Improved File Encoding Details

Overview document

An overview of the problems we are seeking to address is available here. This document also outlines our current implementation plan. The current implementation (as of 3.0) is actually a mix of the ideas from this document and the original proposal. None of them has been updated to reflect that. The Eclipse online help for 3.0 gives the correct picture.

Related bug reports

A list of related bug reports is available here.

Current status

July 12, 2004

3.0 was released on June 26. The encoding story was changed since 3.0 M8 to allow setting the encoding for an individual resource. In the end of the 3.0 cycle, a highly demanded feature was that resource change events were issued when the encoding for files changed (bug 59899, planned for 3.0.1). There is ongoing work on investigating how such feature can be provided.

February 23, 2004

A new version for the proposal has been released. Major changes include the removal of support for setting the encoding for a specific file, folder-level default encodings and encoding-change events. Part of the API proposed has been released as part of the 3.0 M7 milestone build. There is ongoing work on support from Runtime to determine the encoding for arbitrary input streams.

June 10, 2003

Original proposal was made available.

Gathering feedback from the community.