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User Settings

Plan Item

From the 2.1 plan: "Provide user preferences. It should be possible to store user preferences that are not specific to a workspace separate from the workspace, so that they can be used in any workspace. [Platform Core, Platform UI] [Themes: User experience; Rich client platform]" (bug 36965)

From the 3.0 plan: "The way that Eclipse deals with preferences should be improved. The workbench presentation of preferences generally uses a component-oriented hierarchy, which is not always the best choice for users. The UI should present preferences in such a way that users can readily discover them. Some preference settings have scopes (e.g., workspace-wide vs. per project). The UI should help the user to visualize these scopes. For team-wide uniformity, some preferences settings (e.g., compiler options) need to be shared (or imposed) across teams. The UI should also facilitate this. [Platform Core; Platform UI; Text; JDT UI; JDT Core]" (bug 71124)




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