3.0 Core Test Plan

Testing will cover the functional areas on these platforms/VMs

  JDK 1.4.2 SC 1.4.2
Windows 2000 (FAT32)    
Windows XP (NTFS)    
Mac OSX   N/A

Points to remember when testing


No config.ini

Exit data


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Command line options

Shared Install 1

Shared Install 2

Shared Install 3


Note: should consider reenabling the old resolver tests, doing the necessary port to work with the new APIs

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Runtime - Equinox

JAR'd plugins

Extension registry

Note: use the org.eclipse.core.runtime/registry/debug/events/extension debug option to monitor registry change events

Nested jars

Code in folders

Folders in a Jar

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Runtime - Jobs

Test concurrent operations in UI thread

Many background tasks

Nested blocking acquires

Shutdown while job is running

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Runtime - Preferences

Automatic Migration: 2.1 to 3.0

Explicit Migration: 2.1 to 3.0


Default values

Project Preferences

Everything Else...

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Encoding - Content types

Encoding - BOMs

Encoding - Preferences

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Plugin with "." on the classpath

Compiling against a plugin with "." on the classpath

Plugin with a folder on the classpath

Testing the build order

Reuse the plugin Normal

Export of qualified plugins

Export of qualified fragments

Export of qualified features

Export of qualified plugins and features

Export of nested features with qualifiers

Test of optional matching rules

Tests of matching rules

Export of binary plugins

2.1.x test

Test with not matched fragments

Releng scenarios

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