Local History Improvements

Last revised 13:30 Monday February 11, 2002

This note summarizes proposed additions and changes to Eclipse Platform Core and UI to improve the local history facility, which exists to help the user recover from unwanted changes to, or deletion of, files in their workspace.

Ensure local history is captured

In Eclipse 1.0, many operations that the user performs do not capture the previous state of the file in the local history as the user might reasonably expect. This stems from inconsistent use of Core APIs on the part of the Workbench and other plug-ins. Part of the fault can be blamed on the lack of an IResource.delete method that captures local history (the delete methods that keep local history are only to be found on the interfaces for the specific resource types; e.g., IFile).

The proposal is two-fold:

Recovering deleted files

Once a file has been deleted, the file no longer manifests itself in the workbench UI. Even if there are states of the file preserved in the local history, there is no obvious way for the user to browse them and perhaps retrieve one.

The proposal is two-fold: