the foundation of the platform

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Eclipse 3.1 Test Plan
Platform/Runtime (the REAL runtime - OSGi, bundles, extensions, etc)
  • configuration area
    • read/only configurations
    • run from locked (read-only) install
    • shared configurations
    • moving configurations
  • buddy loading
  • message bundles
  • JAR'd NL fragments (performance)
  • eclipse.ini testing
    • passing in VM args, etc
  • JNLP
  • standalone OSGi


Platform/Runtime (the OTHER stuff - content type, jobs, preferences, etc)
  • content type
    • content type and nature association
    • project specific content type settings
    • sharing content type settings per project
    • editors and content type associations
    • detection for empty files, partial files, invalid files, etc (XML)
  • file encoding
    • sharing encodings per project


  • history store
    • test migration of 3.0 projects
    • manual testing - add/get/remove
  • property store
    • test migration of 3.0 projects which are shared via CVS
    • write test plug-in to excercise properties
  • background refresh on project creation
  • creation of projects with weird names on Linux (colon, back-slash)
  • project preferences
    • loading project loads settings
    • discover new settings
  • importing existing projects from archive files (discover name from .project file)
  • file permission
    • executable bit on Linux
    • archive bit on Windows
  • build triggers


  • cross platform builds
  • product builds
  • branding on export
  • generate JNLP files