The Eclipse project (Platform,JDT,PDE,Equinox) development team always receives a tremendous amount of support from the Eclipse community throughout each development cycle and 3.2 is no exception. The enormous collective effort of consuming the latest builds, participating in discussions, opening bug reports, testing, and providing patches always results in a better release. To everyone that helped a big "Thank you!". In particular, the team would like to express it's appreciation to the following people.

The Releng team extends a special thanks to

  • Olivier Thomann for the revamped compile log output, assistance with doc issues and api diff tool.
  • Veronika Irvine for quick action on updating the numerous custom swt build scripts when needed and for taking a special interest in platform-releng-dev. We miss you Veronika 1.0!
  • Tom Eicher for assistance in adding statistical analysis to performance results.
  • Pascal Rapicault for assisting us with build reorganization into a grouped build.
  • Andrew Niefer for pack200 utilities and PDE build assistance.
  • The Ottawa IBM Lab IT team for fixing our build lab. Again and again.
  • The Eclipse foundation's talented sysadmins Denis Roy and Matt Ward for quick bug fixes and lots of bandwidth.
  • Our wonderful husbands for their adaptation to the build schedule "What do you mean it's milestone week again?"
  • David Williams from WTP for spending countless hours as Callisto taskmaster.
  • Mikhail Voronin from Intel for linux-gtk-x86, windows-ia64, windows-x86_64 builds.
  • Suresh Raju from Sun for contributing solaris-gtk-x86 builds.
  • Nick Boldt from EMF for contributing code for RSS build notifications.
  • All the other Callisto teams for making it happen.
  • Platform UI team for curry, Kevin Haaland for the baseball bat, the OSGi/Runtime team for chocolate and the PDE team for cake.
  • The JDT UI team would like to thank everybody who helped us testing the latest builds, and everybody who reported bugs. Special thanks to all who contributed patches, in particular Matt Chapman, Aaron Luchko and John Kaplan. Thanks to David Saff for his help on jdt.junit.

    Platform Search sends out thanks to Markus Schorn (Windriver) for his contributions and fixes.

    The Platform User Assistance team would like to thank Artyom Kuanbekov and Kiryl Kazakevich from Intel for their keyword index contributions, Jiang Lin Quan for the numerous bug reports and patch contributions, and everyone else who contributed for this release.

    The Ant team would like to give special thanks to Richard Höfter for his contributions and testing of the the Eclipse Ant buildfile export support.

    The Text team is grateful to Anton Leherbauer for contributing a copy-on-write ITextStore and would like to extend special thanks to Alex Weirig for supplying the patches for the Collapse All feature. Thanks also go to all who took the time to file good bug reports and enhancement requests.

    The Team/CVS team would like to thank Atsuhiko Yamanaka for his work on the Jsch SSH2 client. We would also like to thank all those who contributed patches to 3.2. They are (in no particular order) Eugene Kuleshov, Maik Schreiber, Igor Fedorenko, Emil Thord, Philippe Ombredanne, Patrick Schriner,Gunnar Wagenknecht, Brock Janiczak, Anatoly Techtonik, Andrew Craig, Vadim Doreziouk, Jens Bensing, Rob Hughes, Sebastian Davids, Oldrich Jedlicka, Lars Millberg, Mark Melvin and Jared Burns.

    The SWT team would like to thank everyone who filed bugs and helped improve the toolkit. Special thanks goes to:
    André Weinand, Benjamin Pasero, Csaba Horvath, Daniel Megert, Darin Wright, Florian Priester, Ivan Markov, Kevin Barnes, Mikhail Voronin, Miklos Fazekas, Oleg Krasilnikov, Oleg Smetanin, Rob Grzywinski, Ron Capelli, Rutger Ovidius, Samantha Chan, Scott Kovatch, Sergey Prigogin, and Tom Eicher.

    Michael Elder would like to thank those that helped review and provided feedback to the Common Navigator effort; in particular Nick Edgar, Michael Valenta, and Dirk Bäumer for their patience and advice.

    The core/equinox team would like to thank all the people that put up with our "constructive harassement in order to keep them honest" even when that included some swearing in french. Also a special thanks to Simon Kaegi, Simon Archer, as well as our friends from the Austin Lab.

    The PDE Build team would like to thank Sonia and Kim for putting up with last minute crazy changes. Also thanks to Gunnar Wagenknecht for for the repository hooks.

    The SDK team would as a whole would like to thank Sonia and Kim for their tireless production of builds, and patience for rebuilds.

    We would also like to thank the community of bloggers on who provided insight from from their corner of the eclipse community, made us think, laugh and ultimately learn more. A special thanks to Ed Burnette, Eclipse ambasssador.