Class ProxySetupHelper

  extended by org.eclipse.ecf.provider.filetransfer.util.ProxySetupHelper

public class ProxySetupHelper
extends java.lang.Object

Proxy setup utilities. NOTE: Use of this class implies the presence of the API...this class will not load (NoClassDefFoundError will be thrown if load/use is attempted) if the bundle is not present in the runtime.

This class is not intended to be extended by clients.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static Proxy getProxy(java.lang.String url)
static Proxy getSocksProxy( url)
static selectProxyFromProxies(java.lang.String protocol,[] proxies)
          Select a single proxy from a set of proxies available for the given host.
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Constructor Detail


public ProxySetupHelper()
Method Detail


public static Proxy getProxy(java.lang.String url)


public static Proxy getSocksProxy( url)


public static selectProxyFromProxies(java.lang.String protocol,
                                                                 [] proxies)
Select a single proxy from a set of proxies available for the given host. This implementation selects in the following manner: 1) If proxies provided is null or array of 0 length, null is returned. If only one proxy is available (array of length 1) then the entry is returned. If proxies provided is length > 1, then if the type of a proxy in the array matches the given protocol (e.g. http, https), then the first matching proxy is returned. If the protocol does not match any of the proxies, then the *first* proxy (i.e. proxies[0]) is returned.

protocol - the target protocol (e.g. http, https, scp, etc). Will not be null.
proxies - the proxies to select from. May be null or array of length 0.
proxy data selected from the proxies provided.