Interface IMergeableChannelContainerAdapter

All Superinterfaces:
IAbstractChannelContainerAdapter, org.eclipse.core.runtime.IAdaptable

public interface IMergeableChannelContainerAdapter
extends IAbstractChannelContainerAdapter

MergeableChannel container entry point interface. This interface is an adapter to allow providers to expose mergeable channels to clients. It may be used in the following way:

   IMergeableChannelContainerAdapter channelcontainer = (IMergeableChannelContainerAdapter) container.getAdapter(IMergeableChannelContainerAdapter.class);
   if (channelcontainer != null) {
      // use channelcontainer
   } else {
      // container does not support channel container functionality

Method Summary
 IMergeableChannel createMergeableChannel(ID channelID, IChannelListener listener, java.util.Map properties)
          Create a mergeable channel within this container
Methods inherited from interface org.eclipse.ecf.datashare.IAbstractChannelContainerAdapter
addListener, getChannel, getChannelNamespace, removeChannel, removeListener
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Method Detail


IMergeableChannel createMergeableChannel(ID channelID,
                                         IChannelListener listener,
                                         java.util.Map properties)
                                         throws ECFException
Create a mergeable channel within this container

channelID - the ID of the mergeable channel created. Should not be null.
listener - the channel listener associated with this channel to receive asynchronous events. If null, no events will be delivered.
properties - a Map of properties to provide to the channel. May be null.
IMergeableChannel the mergeable channel created. Will not be null.
ECFException - thrown if mergeable channel cannot be created