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3.4.0 Release

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New and Noteworthy for 3.3.0
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DNS-Service Discovery

ECF 3.4 includes a remote services discovery provider based upon DNS-SD. DNS-SD is a WAN network service discovery protocol based upon standard DNS. This allows OSGi 4.2 standard remote services to be exposed for WAN-based service discovery using DNS. DNS-SD requires configuring an authoritative DNS server in order to work, so to use ECF DNS-SD please see the ecf-dev mailing list and this wiki page.

Atom/RSS-based REST API Implementation

ECF 3.3 has a REST Remote Services API. This API allows the usage of several serialization formats...with JSON and XML supported in ECF 3.3. Now, support for Atom/RSS-based serialization for REST-based remote services has been added. This makes it easy for clients to use Atom/RSS in their REST clients (that use the ECF's REST API).

Improvements to Distributed EventAdmin

ECF 3.3 includes an implementation of Distributed EventAdmin as described here. This release includes a number of enhancements to the DistributedEventAdmin implementation API, to allow for easy customization of Distributed EventAdmin...e.g. to allow for custom Event serialization/deserialization of OSGi Event instances, and to easily customize/add Event persistence. See the javadocs for the DistributeEventAdmin class here.

Remote Services Examples and Documentations

ECF 3.3 release contains a new set of examples and documentation guides for Remote Services. Getting Started with ECF's OSGi Remote Services Implementation, Asynchronous Proxies for Remote Services,Using Spring with ECF Remote Services, Load Balancing Remote Services are some of the new additions to the ECF. Please visit ECF Wiki for moer information.

Migration to GIT

ECF is moving to using GIT for source code control. See this ecf-dev mailing list thread for more information.