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New and Noteworthy
2.1.0 Release

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New and Noteworthy for 1.0.0
New and Noteworthy for 1.1.0
New and Noteworthy for 1.2.0
New and Noteworthy for 2.0.0

Sync API Abstracted from popular real-time Shared Editing. Opens up ability for other applications to use real-time document synchronization (Cola).
Storage API Uses Equinox secure storage (IsecurePreferences) to store and retrieve ECV Ids securely/persistently, along with any associated properties (for example, passwords). Will enable secure storage of user login and credential info for ECF accounts.
Real-Time Shared Editing Many improvements.
Inclusion of RT shared editing in WTP point release (for several text editors).
(Discovery API provider)
Additions and bug fixes.
XMPP provider Critical bug fixes.
Remote Services provider Bug fixes (generic and r-OSGI).