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New and Noteworthy
2.0.0 milestone 5

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New and Noteworthy for 1.0.0
New and Noteworthy for 1.1.0
New and Noteworthy for 1.2.0
New and Noteworthy for 2.0.0M4
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New and Noteworthy for 2.0.0M4b

Service Locator Protocol

We have added a jSLP-based implementation of the ECF discovery API. See bug 200804 for details.

Peer-to-Peer Updatesite Discovery

There is now an example of using the ECF discovery API for peer-to-peer update site discovery. See here screenshots and for details..

Peer-to-Peer Remote Services

There is an example of using the ECF discovery API for peer-to-peer discovery of remote OSGi services. The example remote service (in this case remote access to the EnvironmentInfo Equinox Service) can then be accessed in several ways:
  • (s) = synchronously -- block calling thread until service host responds
  • (a) = asynchronously -- calling thread does not block and result is provided via notification to a listener
  • (f) = future -- calling thread does not block, and an instance of IAsynchResult is returned immediately Receiver can inspect IAsynchResult for completion.
  • (p) = proxy -- calling thread calls a proxy instance of service interface) with normal call/return semantics

These access methods are made available via the ECF IRemoteService.

Note that the proxy can also be accessed directly in the OSGi service registry via BundleContext.getServiceReference() or a ServiceTracker. In this way, if complete API transparency is desired by the programmer, then the remote service can be transparently accessed.

Note also that we currently have provider implementations of the remote services API based upon ECF generic (included in ECF), XMPP (included in ECF), ActiveMQ and BEA Weblogic-based JMS implementations (found here), and a Javagroups-based implementation (found here). We also have a pending contribution of the r-OSGI-based provider, expected to be included in ECF milestone 6 pending Eclipse Foundation IP approval (CQs 2063 and 2064).

See here for screen shots and details.