eclipse communication framework

an eclipse technology project

New and Noteworthy

Presence and Chat UI Improvements

A number of UI changes/additions were contributed:

Buddy list pictures now show when hovering over a buddy for supporting providers (XMPP/Google Talk):

Several improvements to chat UI (IRC/XMPP), including operations on members (e.g. WHOIS for IRC), user count, better handling of text scrolling, etc.

Jingle-Based VOIP

See terrific work for the Google SOC by Moritz Post here.

ECF Server Applications

See ECF Servers wiki page. Also servers associated with each of the new providers described below (Websphere CE, Weblogic, JGroups).

BugDay Fixes/Enhancements

ECF had an excellent number of bugs fixed. Both via Bug Day.

Browse Contacts

Added the ability to open a browse contacts dialog and interactively search through contacts.

See also bug #195770 and bug #196772.

Discovery API

Significant additions to the discovery API. See bug #200791 and bug #199259.

ECF API Changes

Presence API Improvements

Added support for sending/receiving subject/topic updates for a chat room (IChatRoomAdminListener/IChatRoomAdminSender).

New Providers: IBM Websphere CE, BEA Weblogic, JGroups Multicast

See the ECF @ OSUOSL website.

Automated Build

ECF now has an automated build and server setup to run automated daily builds.

Changed execution environment for org.eclipse.ecf.provider bundle

Refactored classes out of bundle and changed execution environment for org.eclipse.ecf.provider bundle to CDC 1.1/Foundation 1.1. Allows this bundle to be used in other runtime environments. See bug #202100.