eBAM - Components

Here the proposed eBAM Components are illustrated in detail.

Adapter DataFlow Services

It gathers the information of one's interest from many heterogeneous and distributed data sources (JMS, DB, log files, XML, JMX, SOAP, etc.). Each one extracts the information from an external service (JMS, SOAP, JDBC, Log, workflow, BPEL, ESB, OSGi, ...) and turns them into an Eclipse CBE (Common Base Event) Format. Several adapters will be developed during the project life cycle. The analysis will require the integration of the Generic Log Adapter of the Eclipse TPTP Monitoring Tools Project.

Event Manager

the project implements new OSGi modules for Equinox which work as a gateway for different rule engines (e.g. OpenL Table and JBoss Drools),starting from the SLA and alert definition of every KPI.

Meta model area

Metadata repository (CEP, SLA, alarm rules) and cache systems for the input of data. This area is close to the meta model (EMF) project and will be realized as new OSGi modules for Equinox, by EclipseLink and SDO.

Alert Services

It will be based on a component which can detect the threshold alarms on CEP events and interact with external notification systems through the definition of a standard interface.

Dashboard Services

graphic front-end interface, enabling the analysis of the indicators of one’s interest and providing processes monitoring dashboards. It will be based on the use of BIRT and, if necessary, on the extension of an applicative console.