IP Log for soa.ebam

eBAM RC Release, September 2010


  • Eclipse Public License v1.0

Third-Party Code

CQ Third-Party Code License Use
4247 SLF4J API Version: 1.5.11 (ATO CQ3874) (using Orbit CQ 3879) MIT license, MIT license with no endorsement clause unmodified source & binary
4249 Logback Core Version: 0.9.19 (ATO CQ3861) (using Orbit CQ3872) Eclipse Public License unmodified source & binary
4256 Logback Classic Version: 0.9.19 (ATO CQ3862) (using Orbit CQ3873) Eclipse Public License unmodified source & binary
4257 h2 Database Version: 1.1.117 (2009-08-09) (ATO CQ3508) (using Orbit CQ3507) Eclipse Public License unmodified binary
4258 geronimo activation Version: 1.1 (ATO CQ2060) (using Orbit CQ2248) Apache License, 2.0
4259 geronimo mail Version: 1.4 (ATO CQ2059) (using Orbit CQ2247) Apache License, 2.0
4261 xalan 2.7.1 top level jar Version: 2.7.1 (minus nested jar files) (ATO CQ1985) (using Orbit CQ2213) Apache License, 2.0
4262 Xerces Version: 2.9.0 (excludes nested jar files) (PB CQ1148) (using Orbit CQ2095) Apache License, 2.0 unmodified source & binary
4264 resolver.jar Version: 1.2 (PB CQ1441) (using Orbit CQ2136) Apache License, 2.0 unmodified binary
4265 serializer.jar Version: 2.7.1 (PB CQ1443) (using Orbit CQ2134) Apache License, 2.0 unmodified binary
4266 xml-apis.jar Version: 1.3.04 (ATO CQ1448) (using Orbit CQ2166) Apache License, 2.0, Public Domain, W3C
4267 Apache Geronimo Java Transaction API (JTA) 1.1_spec Version: 1.1.1 (ATO CQ2334) (using Orbit CQ3903) Apache License, 2.0 unmodified binary


Past and Present Active
Name Organization
Angelo Bernabei Engineering Group
Giulio Gavardi Engineering Group
Marco Cortella Engineering Group
Antonella Giachino Engineering Group
Andrea Gioia Engineering Group

Never Active
Name Organization
Antonietta Miele Engineering Group

Contributors and Their Contributions

Bug Size Description Correction
4286 330kb Initial contribution to eBAM project


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