This package was released on 09/25/2017. A newer package is available here.

Eclipse IDE for Java and DSL Developers

Package Description

The essential tools for Java and DSL developers, including a Java & Xtend IDE, a DSL Framework (Xtext), a Git client, XML Editor, and Maven integration.

This package includes:

    Detailed features list
    • org.eclipse.epp.package.dsl.feature
    • org.eclipse.epp.package.common.feature
    • org.eclipse.platform
    • org.eclipse.emf.ecore.xcore.sdk
    • org.eclipse.emf.mwe2.language.sdk
    • org.eclipse.emf.sdk
    • org.eclipse.xtext.sdk
    • org.eclipse.lsp4j.sdk

    Maintained by: Xtext Project