This package was released on 06/11/2010. A newer package is available here.

Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Linux Developers (includes Incubating components)

Package Description

This package augments the C/C++ package specifically for Linux developers. It includes GNU Autotools integration with the CDT and plugins to interact with native Linux tools such as GCov, GProf, OProfile, and Valgrind. Visualization and analysis plugins for Linux tracing tools LTTng and SystemTap are also present. For Linux distribution packages, an RPM .spec editor with rpmlint integration is available. Note that the LinuxTools package includes some incubating components, as indicated by feature numbers less than 1.0.0 on the feature list.

This package includes:

    Detailed features list
    • org.eclipse.cdt,7.0.0
    • org.eclipse.cdt.debug.ui.memory,
    • org.eclipse.cdt.mylyn,
    • org.eclipse.cdt.p2,
    • org.eclipse.cdt.platform,7.0.0
    • org.eclipse.cvs,1.1.0
    • org.eclipse.epp.package.common.feature,
    • org.eclipse.equinox.p2.user.ui,1.1.0
    • org.eclipse.linuxtools.callgraph,
    • org.eclipse.linuxtools.cdt.autotools,
    • org.eclipse.linuxtools.cdt.libhover,
    • org.eclipse.linuxtools.changelog,
    • org.eclipse.linuxtools.gcov,
    • org.eclipse.linuxtools.gprof,
    • org.eclipse.linuxtools.lttng,
    • org.eclipse.linuxtools.oprofile,
    • org.eclipse.linuxtools.rpm,
    • org.eclipse.linuxtools.rpm.ui.editor,
    • org.eclipse.linuxtools.systemtap,
    • org.eclipse.linuxtools.valgrind,
    • org.eclipse.mylyn.bugzilla_feature,
    • org.eclipse.mylyn.context_feature,
    • org.eclipse.mylyn.ide_feature,
    • org.eclipse.mylyn.team_feature,
    • org.eclipse.mylyn.wikitext_feature,
    • org.eclipse.mylyn_feature,
    • org.eclipse.platform,3.6.0
    • org.eclipse.rcp,3.6.0

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