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EclipseCon kicks off with Che release

Eclipse Che, the developer workspace server and cloud IDE, had its initial release this morning at EclipseCon.


Eclipse Foundation Releases Next-Generation IDE, Eclipse Che 4.0

Today at EclipseCon, the Eclipse Foundation announced the release of Eclipse Che 4.0.


Microsoft joins the open-source Eclipse Foundation

Microsoft today announced that it is joining the Eclipse Foundation.


Microsoft joins the Eclipse Foundation and brings more tools to the community

At Microsoft, our developer mission is to deliver experiences that empower any developer, building any application, on any OS.


MicroEJ to Present Eclipse Edje Open Source IoT Project at EclipseCon

Tomorrow at EclipseCon in Reston, Virginia, MicroEJ® will present the Eclipse Edje open source project.


IncQuery Labs joins the Eclipse Foundation

IncQuery Labs Ltd. is proud to announce that the Eclipse Community now recognizes the company as solution member of the Eclipse Foundation and the membership at large.


Open Source Disease Modeling: A Tool to Combat the Next Pandemic

Before the age of mass travel, infectious diseases went from local outbreak to international epidemic by ship.


IT-centric IoT device management using Java and Eclipse Kura

Java-based device application frameworks in the Open Services Gateway initiative (OSGi) model can speed development of Internet of Things (IoT) gateways and applications, as well as offer advanced remote management capabilities not available through traditional embedded agents.


Announcing Orion 11

We are pleased to announce the eleventh release of Orion, “Your IDE in the Cloud”.


A Big Step for Big Spatial Data: GeoMesa Graduates from LocationTech Working Group Incubation

Commercial support for GeoMesa 1.2, the open source suite of geospatial analytics tools designed to run with Hadoop-scale volumes of data.


Eclipse Internet of Things – A Brief Overview

Eclipse Internet of Things? What is it? If you’re a techie, you might be having the slight knowledge of what it is and how it works.


Eclipse Converge: blending LocationTech, IoT & Science | London, March 23

Join us for an evening of collaboration, exchanging ideas and being inspired.


Introducing Eclipse Che Beta

The beta milestone of Eclipse Che is available! Attend Tyler's Keynote "The Evolution and Future of IDEs" at EclipseCon 2016.


Eclipse Che launches the cloud IDE revolution

Che is a dynamically provisioned on-demand IDE that provides an open source alternative to the JetBrains IntelliJ Java IDE.


GS Collections Moves to Eclipse Foundation

The Eclipse Foundation and Goldman Sachs have announced a joint venture, moving the popular GS Collections open source framework development to Eclipse.


Eclipse Special Day at OOP Conference - Feb. 2 in Munich

Present technologies, discuss cutting edge developments and exchange with experts from varied Eclipse related fields.


Launching Eclipse in a Browser with the GTK Broadway backend

What does Eclipse looks like in a web browser when launched with the GTK Broadway backend on Linux?


Announcing the 16 Winners of the Open Iot Challenge Starter Kit!

More than 80 teams have applied to be part of the challenge, find out who a starter kit to complete their project.


How Eclipse plans to harmonize Java DevOps for the cloud

Modern-day applications are quickly evolving from monolithic giants to collections of microservices running in containers or lightweight virtual machines.


Open Source Community Developer Day

Red Hat and Eclipse Foundation will be speaking at a developer day in the DC area. Join us on December 1 & 2.


Eclipse Group Launches Second IoT Challenge

Anyone can participate in the Challenge, and any participant can win, but 15 projects will be selected to receive hardware starter kits, access to cloud services, and technical support.


Creating Camel routes for Eclipse Kura

Eclipse Kura and Apache Camel, when joined together, give developers the possibility to abstract their application logic from both field protocols and data delivery, thus easing and speeding up the development process.


OpenShift Ecosystem: IDE Integration

What a great week for the partner ecosystem! We got the ball rolling with the monumental announcement of our partnership with Microsoft, followed it up with passing over 150 members in OpenShift Commons, and yesterday we announced OpenShift Enterprise 3.1.


How to put configurable security in effect for an IoT gateway

Developers face a host of challenges when implementing a robust security model for Internet of Things (IoT) devices and gateways.


Goldman Sachs joins the Eclipse Foundation

Goldman Sachs joined the open source community, the Eclipse Foundation.

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