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Eclipse 5th Birthday Parties

Eclipse is 5! Believe it or not, it has been 5 years since Eclipse was released as an open source project.

Please join in celebrating the 5th birthday of Eclipse during the month of November. Eclipse enthusiasts around the world organized birthday parties to celebrate, so hopefully you were able to join the local event closest to you.

Austin | Bangalore | Beijing | Boston | Budapest | Cairo | Dallas | Delft | Hyderabad | Istanbul | Keystone | London | Luxembourg | Munich | Neuchatel | New York | Ottawa | Paris | Portland | Raleigh | Salzburg | San Francisco | San Jose | Seattle | Shanghai | Stuttgart | Tel Aviv | Toronto | Williamsport | Winnipeg | Zurich

  • Austin, USA

    North by Northwest, 10010 Capital of TX Hwy N
    Organized by Chris Aniszczyk, IBM

  • Bangalore, India

    Hypnos, Gem Plaza, Infantry Rd.
    Organized by Dilip Thomas, Software & Support Media

  • Beijing, China

    Organized by Ian Liu, Inetsoft Technology

  • Boston, USA

    Watch City Brewing Co., 256 Moody St., Waltham
    Organized by Melinda Wilson, Sybase and Debbie Moynihan, Iona

  • Budapest, Hungary

    Bar Martinez, Vorosmarty u. 31, 1064
    Organized by Brandon Ulrich, B2 International

  • Cairo, Egypt

    Faculty of Computers and Information, Cairo University
    Organized by Amr Ali, IBM

  • Dallas, USA

    BJ's Brewhouse, 4901 Beltline Rd., Addison
    Organized by Jens Eckels, Genuitec

  • Delft, Netherlands

    Grand Cafe Verderop, Westvest 9
    Organized by Alper Cugun, TOPdesk

  • Hyderabad, India

    10 Downing Street, My Home Tycoon, Begumpet
    Organized by Kiran Rajarathna, Progress Software

  • The Cake! Eclipse 5th birthday party in Istanbul
    Istanbul, Turkey

    Bogazici University, Alumni Club (BUMED), Bebek
    Organized by Naci Dai, eteration

  • Keystone, USA

    Keystone Lodge - Tenderfoot Lounge, 633 Tennis Townhouse Rd.
    Organized by Donald Smith, Eclipse Foundation

  • Eclipse3
    London, England

    Bar Kick, 127 Shoreditch High St.
    Organized by Thibaut Rouffineau, Symbian

  • Luxembourg, Luxembourg
    Scotts Pub, 4, Bisserwee, L-1238
    Organized by Aleksey Aristov, iMedic

  • Munich, Germany
    W-JAX, ArabellaSheraton Grand Hotel, Arabella Strasse 6 (Arabellapark), D-81925 Munchen
    Organized by Alexander Neumann, Eclipse Magazine

  • Neuchatel, Switzerland

    Oriental Express (above train station)
    Organized by Max Andersen, JBoss

  • New York, USA

    Verlaine, 110 Rivington St., New York City
    Organized by Ken Gilmer, Bug Labs

  • Ottawa, Canada

    The Prescott, 2nd Floor, 379 Preston St.
    Organized by Lynn Gayowski, Eclipse Foundation

  • Paris, France

    Cafe LEFEE, 41 rue de la Bucherie
    Organized by Eliane Forgeau, TNI Software

  • Cutting_cake
    Portland, USA

    McMenamins Cedar Hills, 2927 SW Cedar Hills Blvd., Beaverton
    Organized by Anne Jacko, Eclipse Foundation

  • Raleigh, USA

    Time Out Bar & Grill, 4310 South Miami Blvd., Durham
    Organized by Chris Laffra, IBM

  • Salzburg, Austria

    Techno-Z 3, Seminarraum SR01, Jakob-Haringer-Strasse 5
    Organized by Rudi Zimmel, Wind River

  • San Francisco, USA

    Mars Bar, 798 Brannan St.
    Organized by Peter Varhol, FTP Online

  • San Jose, USA

    Gordon Biersch, 33 East San Fernando St.
    Organized by Kirsten Long, LynuxWorks

  • Seattle, USA

    Brouwer's Cafe, 400 N 35th St., Fremont
    Organized by Walter Harley, BEA

  • Shanghai, China

    500 Zhang Yang Road, Times Square, Fl 7, Pudong New District
    Organized by Zheng Lin, Actuate

  • Stuttgart, Germany

    Eclipse-Geburtstagsfeier, Alte Scheuer Degerloch (Agnes-Kneher-Platz), Grosse Falterstrasse 11
    Organized by Borbala Gerhardt, Software Experts

  • Tel Aviv, Israel

    Blend Bar, Ehad Aham 20
    Organized by Eden Klein, Zend

  • Toronto, Canada

    Unionville Arms Pub & Grill, 189 Main St., Unionville
    Organized by Arthur Ryman, IBM

  • Williamsport, USA

    Genetti Hotel - Garden Room, 200 West Fourth St.
    Organized by Rob Ross, Discovery Machine

  • Winnipeg, Canada

    Engineering and Information Technology Complex, Computer Science Staff Lounge (E2 461 EITC), University of MB
    Organized by Darin Wright, IBM

  • Zurich, Switzerland
    Clausiusbar, ETH
    Organized by Susan Iwai, IBM

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