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EclipseCon Audition Agenda

Auditions for EclipseCon 2011 took place November 18 via a webinar. The agenda:

  1. Jonas Helming for Maximilian Koegel, How to Distribute, Store and Version Models with EMFStore
  2. Jonas Helming, Only one Click to an EMF Application
  3. Bernhard Merkle, Stop the Architecture Erosion of Eclipse And Open Source Projects
  4. Martin Reiterer, TapiJI - Integrating Internationalization in your agile development process
  5. Frank Rimlinger, Practical Mathematical Proof of Correctness
  6. Ekke Gentz, Enterprise and Mobile Using Eclipse
  7. Arun Gupta, Nuts & Bolts of Java EE 6 using Eclipse
  8. Anthony W. Juckel, High Performance Tabular Databinding
  9. Karim Djaafar, Managing and Monitoring your Agile tools with JasForge OSGI Project
  10. Tristan Faure, Gendoc2 WYWIWYG (What You Write Is What You Get)

Update from November 23: Congratulations to Frank Rimlinger and Anthony Juckel for winning the EclipseCon Audition Sessions!

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