- Analyze. Optimize. Implement.

At Silexica, we develop SLX for programming heterogeneous multicore platforms using state-of-the-art compiler technology. With Eclipse Che and we added a new mode of delivery using a SaaS model with instantly deployed cloud workspaces. Instead of downloading a multiple GB binary, new users can now start immediately with a few clicks. Try it yourself!

Analyze Your Code understands your code better than you do! Get warnings and hints about your code directly within the editor. Analyze the functional dependency with the Call Graph, trace variable accesses within the Code Analysis Graph or get a complete overview with the Code Analysis View.

Identify Cache Bottlenecks

Not only do we analyze and understand your code, we can also simulate your target platform and its caching behavior. If your application is slower than you expected, take a look at our Cache Analysis.

Find Parallelism

If you have worked with parallel programming before, you will know how tedious it is to get parallelism right. assists you with that and gives you a list of all parallelism opportunities within your code.

Generated OpenMP Code

You don’t want to implement the parallelism yourself? With the integrated OpenMP Code Generation, will take care of that based on the identified parallelism. It will not only generate OpenMP Pragma annotations, but will decide intelligently, if a annotation actually generates a speedup for your application. This is only possible with our unique platform-dependent understanding of behaviour and timing.

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How does extends Eclipse Che? leverages Eclipse Che’s stacks to repackage our core technology into a workspace container. As a user, you will have full access to a terminal and all commands you typically use during C/C++ development. With our tools running in a lightweight container, performance and behavior match or even exceed typical desktop computers.

The UI is build as a set of Eclipse Che extensions, leveraging web technology like D3.js to create impressive graphical representations of your code. By implementing a client for the clangd language server, further supports C/C++ warnings and autocomplete within your browser.

Interested in building your own stacks? We have documentation to help you get started with stacks - it's easy! If you have any questions, reach out to our community.


Syntax highlighting, stacks, templates, and code assistants.

  • Java
  • C++
  • JavaSript
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Ruby
  • SQL

Project types, scaffold tool integration, and syntax analysis.


Builders to manage unit tests, compilation, linking, and dependencies.

  • Ant
  • Bower
  • Grunt
  • Gulp
  • Maven
  • Npm

Extensions that integrate the IDE with other parts of the developer tool chain.

  • Git
  • Orion
  • SSH
  • Subversion