Bitnami Development Containers

Integrated with Eclipse Che to make development frameworks incredibly simple to access and use. Development Containers are currently available for many popular frameworks, including Express, Laravel, Rails, Symfony and Swift. Get Started with Che and Bitnami Development Containers.

Bitnami in Che

Bitnami Benefits

Bitnami Container Benefits

Your framework of choice comes pre-installed, configured to work with the included infrastructure containers, & kept up-to-date so, you can start developing in minutes.

Embedded within Che

All Bitnami Development Containers are completely integrated with Eclipse Che in order to view and choose from our entire list when configuring your developer workspace.

Easily Deploy from GitHub

Deploy your Eclipse Che developer workspace with any Bitnami Development Container straight from GitHub!

Tutorial Guide: Use Your Favorite Framework In The Cloud With Codenvy And Bitnami Development Containers.

Your Favorite Framework with Che & Bitnami Development Containers

Powered by Eclipse Che

Bitnami containers extend Che's runtime stack support, providing environments for Express, Laravel, Rails, Symfony, Swift and others.

Interested in building your own stacks? We have documentation to help you get started with stacks - it's easy! If you have any questions, reach out to our community.

Get Started with Che and Bitnami Development Containers.

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