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BPEL Designer - New & Noteworthy

Version 1.0.2 - Service Release (November 12, 2012)

This release updates the BPEL Designer for Eclipse Juno.
Sadly, we have had to disable the content assist functionality for XPath expression editors as of Eclipse Juno because support for org.eclipse.ui.internal.EditorSite and supporting classes have been deprecated and removed. Work is in progress to replace the content assist with an XText version.

This release also includes several bug fixes. Here is a list of the bugzilla reports that have been addressed by this release:

  • Bug 378241 - Unable to create new server runtime in "New BPEL Project" wizard
  • Bug 378599 - WizardFragments defined in Ode runtime are no longer being displayed for New Server Runtime wizard
  • Bug 379547 - Namespaces Tab throws NPE when tab is selected
  • Bug 379613 - Bug 379613 - Changes to the BPEL process are not deployed automatically after save. Also reported as Bug JBIDE-9789.
  • Bug 378997 - Bug 378997 - Remove usage of internal packages and fix Juno build
  • RH Bug 831712 - Adding a BPEL process file to a BPEL project always warns that "the selected location is not a BPEL project" (non-fatal warning message)
  • Bug 832117 - Cannot import a wsdl file generated by JBoss ESB into BPEL project (was: BPEL - deploy.xml editor blocked from WSDL generated by JBoss ESB)

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