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BPEL M6 information

What will be in M6 ?

This release marks the 1.0 version of BPEL Designer. The APIs are now stable and we have quite a large community using, and contributing to, the project. This release will also be joining the Juno release train, scheduled for GA in May, 2012.

Juno Release Train: BPEL Designer is getting on the train and will be part of the SOA suite of products.

Reorganized Update Sites: There has been some confusion about where to get the "official, latest & greatest software". This is partly due to the fact that older versions were still being delivered as part of larger product offerings and we didn't want to break existing builds by moving the bits around. We are working on reorganizing the update site and being able to offer platform-specific builds to support older versions.

As always, help and feedback from the community is always appreciated, be it in the form of bug fixes or just general griping/complaining about stuff that's broken. Please contact the BPEL Team if you have some spare cycles to offer ;)

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