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BPEL M1 information

What's in M1 ?

M1 consists essentially of the code that was initially contributed by IBM with some minor changes to allow for BPEL source authoring (as opposed to just editing the provided samples).

It is indended to be marginally useful because most of the key functionality will not be there yet.

You can create a new BPEL process file in any project by choosing New -> Other ... ---> BPEL Process File..

  • Wizard Step 1 - Pick the BPEL 2.0 file wizard.
  • Wizard Step 2 - Specify process name, pick namespace, and template to start with.
  • Wizard Step 3 - The process goes into the currently selected container. This last step allows you to place it anywhere in your workspace that you want.
New Wizard

Some BPEL specific activities were added to the palette, such as the Repeat Until loop.

Repeat Until

A few bug fixes to stabilize the build.

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