Eclipse BIRT Report Object Model (ROM)

Theme Element

Element Overview

Represents a theme in the library


Display Name: Theme
Since: 2.0
XML Element: theme
Extends: ReportElement
Extendable: No
Abstract: No
Name Space: None
Name Requirement: Required
Allows User Properties: Yes
Has Style: No

Property Summary


Slot Summary

A collection of styles within the theme.

Inherited Properties

comments, customXml, displayName, displayNameID, eventHandlerClass, extends, name, propertyMasks, userProperties, viewAction


Theme is a container for a collection of Styles.A library can define a number of theme, themes in a library share "theme" namespace.

When a report use a libary with themes, report can specify one theme. In that, all the styles within the theme is availble to the report, and the selectors within the theme is put in the search path for a style property.

Property Detail

cssStyleSheets Property


Type: List of IncludedCssStyleSheet Structures
Since: 2.2
Required: No
Display Name: Css style sheets
JavaScript Type:
Default Value: None
Inherited: No
Runtime Settable: No
Property Sheet Visibility: Hidden
Property Sheet Group: Top

Slot Detail

styles Slot

A collection of styles within the theme.


Display Name: Styles
Since: 2.0
XML Element: styles
Contents: List of Style


Each theme can contain zero, one or more styles.