Eclipse BIRT Report Object Model (ROM)

TemplateReportItem Element

Element Overview

Represents a template placeholder for a report item.


Display Name: Template Report Item
Since: 2.0
XML Element: template-report-item
Extends: TemplateElement
Extendable: No
Abstract: No
Name Space: Report Items
Name Requirement: Optional
Allows User Properties: Yes
Has Style: No

Property Summary


Inherited Properties

displayName, displayNameID, name, refTemplateParameter


Represents a template report item, its a placeholder to generate a real report item.

Property Detail

visibility Property


Type: List of HideRule Structures
Since: 2.1
Required: No
Display Name: Visibility
JavaScript Type:
Default Value: None
Inherited: Yes
Runtime Settable: No
Property Sheet Visibility: Hidden
Property Sheet Group: Top