Eclipse BIRT Report Object Model (ROM)

Line Element

Element Overview

Lines to add graphical interest to a report.


Display Name: Line
Since: reserved
XML Element: line
Extends: ReportItem
Extendable: Yes
Abstract: No
Name Space: Report Items
Name Requirement: Optional
Allows User Properties: Yes
Has Style: Yes
Default Style: line

Property Summary

The orientation of the line: Horizontal (default) or Vertical.

Inherited Properties

bookmark, boundDataColumns, comments, cube, customXml, dataBindingRef, dataSet, displayName, displayNameID, eventHandlerClass, extends, height, name, paramBindings, propertyMasks, refTemplateParameter, style, toc, userProperties, viewAction, visibility, width, x, y, zIndex

Style Properties

borderBottomColor, borderBottomStyle, borderBottomWidth, borderLeftColor, borderLeftStyle, borderLeftWidth, borderRightColor, borderRightStyle, borderRightWidth, borderTopColor, borderTopStyle, borderTopWidth, display, paddingBottom, paddingLeft, paddingRight, paddingTop


Customers often use lines and rectangles to add graphical interest to a report. For example, the customer may draw a box around certain fields to group them. Or, the customer may use alternating background colors to improve report legibility.

Most reports are intended for viewing on the web. Web browsers generally support only horizontal and vertical, but not diagonal lines. Diagonal lines require an image which imposes extra cost and is difficult to correctly format. So, BRD limits support to horizontal and vertical lines, but not diagonal lines.

The user can set the line size, line color and line pattern using the item's style.

A line item describes a line along the edge of a rectangle. If orientation is vertical, the line is along the left edge of the bounding box. If the line is horizontal, the line is along the top edge of the bounding box. That is, the X and Y properties give the line origin. The Width property gives the length of horizontal lines, the Height property gives the width of vertical lines.

Property Detail

orientation Property

The orientation of the line: Horizontal (default) or Vertical.


Type: choice (lineOrientation)
Since: reserved
Required: No
Display Name: Orientation
JavaScript Type:
Default Value: horizontal
Inherited: Yes
Runtime Settable: Yes
Property Sheet Visibility: Hidden
Property Sheet Group: Top


NameDisplay Name ValueDescription
horizontal Horizontal horizontal
vertical Vertical vertical


Orientation of the line.