Eclipse BIRT Report Object Model (ROM)

FreeForm Element

Element Overview

Container that use free-form layout which position an element at (x,y) location.


Display Name: FreeForm
Since: reserved
XML Element: free-form
Extends: ReportItem
Extendable: Yes
Abstract: No
Name Space: Report Items
Name Requirement: Optional
Allows User Properties: Yes
Has Style: Yes
Default Style: free-form

Slot Summary

The report items that appear inside the free-form container.

Inherited Properties

bookmark, boundDataColumns, comments, cube, customXml, dataBindingRef, dataSet, displayName, displayNameID, eventHandlerClass, extends, height, name, paramBindings, propertyMasks, refTemplateParameter, style, toc, userProperties, viewAction, visibility, width, x, y, zIndex

Style Properties

backgroundAttachment, backgroundColor, backgroundImage, backgroundPositionX, backgroundPositionY, backgroundRepeat, borderBottomColor, borderBottomStyle, borderBottomWidth, borderLeftColor, borderLeftStyle, borderLeftWidth, borderRightColor, borderRightStyle, borderRightWidth, borderTopColor, borderTopStyle, borderTopWidth, canShrink, color, dateFormat, dateTimeFormat, display, fontFamily, fontSize, fontStyle, fontVariant, fontWeight, highlightRules, letterSpacing, lineHeight, mapRules, marginBottom, marginLeft, marginRight, marginTop, masterPage, numberAlign, numberFormat, orphans, paddingBottom, paddingLeft, paddingRight, paddingTop, pageBreakAfter, pageBreakBefore, pageBreakInside, showIfBlank, stringFormat, textAlign, textIndent, textLineThrough, textOverline, textTransform, textUnderline, timeFormat, verticalAlign, whiteSpace, widows, wordSpacing


The simplest form of report layout is free-form. Free-form layout is best for layouts that do not have a regular structure, such as a header for a tabular report. This layout option needs little explanation.

A container item holds a collection of other report items. Every item in the container is positioned at an (x, y) location relative to the top left corner of the container. Free-form layout is very much like the layout in e.RD-Pro: elements can be positioned anywhere. A drawback of free-form layout is that items are not automatically repositioned depending on the size of other elements. For example, if a large block of text is followed by another data item, the data item may be hidden if the block of text becomes too large.

Slot Detail

reportItems Slot

The report items that appear inside the free-form container.


Display Name: Report Items
Since: reserved
XML Element: report-items
Contents: List of Data, ExtendedItem, FreeForm, Grid, Image, Label, Line, List, Rectangle, Table, TemplateReportItem, Text, TextData
Default Style: None


Contains any number of report items that appear inside the free-form container.