Eclipse BIRT Report Object Model (ROM)

Table of Contents


AutoText Describes the page number of the report.
CascadingParameterGroup Visual grouping of report cascading parameters.
Cell Represents a cell element within a grid row or table row.
Column Describes one column within a table or grid.
Data Displays a data set or computed value with optional formatting.
DataSet Parent of simple data set and joint data set.
DataSource The data source element represents a connection to an external data system.
DesignElement Abstract element that represents anything that has properties.
ExtendedItem Represents an extended item, provide BIRT extenion capability.
FreeForm Container that use free-form layout which position an element at (x,y) location.
GraphicMasterPage A master page with free-form page decorations.
Grid Represents a Grid item, it's divided into a series of rows and columns.
Image Displays an image within the report.
JointDataSet Represents a data set joined by serveral data sets on respective join conditions.
Label Displays a static piece of text. The text can be externalized.
Library Predefined set of components and rules.
Line Lines to add graphical interest to a report.
List This section describes the list itself.
ListGroup Represents a group break level within a list.
Listing Abstract base element that captures the behavior common to lists and tables.
ListingGroup Abstract element that represents the behavior common to list and table groups.
MasterPage Base element for master pages within a report.
Module Report design information common to report designs and libraries. This is most of the report except for the body.
OdaDataSet An extended data set retrieved by a query through an ODA driver that implements the Open Data Access (ODA) interfaces.
OdaDataSource An extended data source that represents a connection that implements the Open Data Access (ODA) interfaces to interact with an external data provider.
Parameter The base parameter element defines properties common to all types of parameters.
ParameterGroup Visual grouping of report parameters.
Rectangle Describes a simple rectangle.
ReportDesign The report design element represents report as a whole.
ReportElement Abstract element for user-visible elements.
ReportItem Abstract base element for all visual report items.
Row Represents one row within a grid or table.
ScalarParameter Defines a simple single-value parameter.
ScriptDataSet A data set defined in JavaScript.
ScriptDataSource A specialized data source defined in JavaScript.
SimpleDataSet The data set element represents a result set retrieved from an external data provider.
SimpleMasterPage The simple master page provides a header and footer that appear on every page.
Style Describes a Style element.
Table Presents data from a data set in using a tabular layout.
TableGroup Represents a group break level within a table.
TemplateDataSet Represents a template data set.
TemplateElement A base template element, represents placeholder for a data set or a report item.
TemplateParameterDefinition Represents a definition for a template element.
TemplateReportItem Represents a template placeholder for a report item.
Text Displays a multi-line block of text defined within the report. Can contain embedded formatting and value expressions.
TextData Displays a multi-line block of text defined within the report.
Theme Represents a theme in the library


Action Defines a hyperlink.
CachedMetaData The cached meta-data element contains cached derived data attributes of a data set.
ColumnHint Provides a number of report-related data attributes about a result set column.
ComputedColumn A user-defined column in the result set.
ConfigVar Define a varialbe mostly for deployment-specific purpose.
CustomColor Defines a custom color name.
DataSetParam Describes an input and/or output parameter of the data set query.
DateTimeFormatValue Used to format a datetime value.
EmbeddedImage Holds an reusable image embedded within the design file.
ExtendedProperty Represents one Extended property.
FilterCondition Defines a fileter criteria.
HideRule Defines a visibility rule for a report item in a kind of output format.
HighlightRule Represents a highlight rule;each highlight rule consists of an expression, operator, values, and corresponding format style
IncludeScript Stores a location for a script file that is loaded by the design.
IncludedLibrary Link to a library used by the report with a namespace.
MapRule Represents a map rule; each map rule consists of a test expression, operator, values and corresponding translated value
NumberFormatValue Used to format a numeric value.
OdaDataSetParam Describes an input and/or output parameter of the ODA data set query.
OdaDesignerState Describes the state of the ODA data source/data set.
OdaResultSetColumn Describes a column within a result set of an ODA data set.
ParamBinding Represents an association between an expression and a data set or nested report input parameter.
ParameterFormatValue Used to format the default value of the scalar parameter.
PropertyBinding Bind a value expression to a property.
PropertyMask Allows a third-party developer to lock or hide a property.
ResultSetColumn Describes a column within a result set.
ScriptLib Stores the class path that is for BIRT defined scripts.
SearchKey Defines a search criteria for a drill-through hyperlink.
SelectionChoice Describes one item in a static parameter selection list.
SortKey A sort definition consisting of an expression and sort direction.
StringFormatValue Used to format a string value.
TOCStructure Represents a toc;each toc consists of an expression, style, and corresponding format style
UserMethod Reserved
UserProperty Defines a user-defined property.

Supporting Indexes

Property Types The set of types used to define ROM properties.
Predefined Styles Styles defined by BIRT, usually as a "default style" for an element or slot.
Property Index Index of properties with a link to their definition.