BIRT Example Reports


This section of Examples focuses on the feature set within BIRT. Simple reports are used to illustrate a function within BIRT. Most examples will have a before and after report that can be downloaded. In addition, the example is illustrated in a Flash presentation. The examples use popups to explain the process and provide no sound.

BIRT 2.1 Examples

  • XML Data Source This example demonstrates creating a report using the XML Datasource.
  • Libraries This example demonstrates creating and using BIRT libraries.
  • Combination Chart This example demonstrates building a Combinatio Chart with Drill to details.
  • Cascaded Parameter Report This example demonstrates building a BIRT Report that uses a cascaded parameter.
  • Query Modification An example of modifying the query using Property Binding or Script.
  • Drill to Details Example used to demonstrate linking a Master report to a Detail report.
  • Report Elements This example demonstrates using Label, Text, Dynamic Text, Data, and Image Report elements.
  • Sub Reports This example demonstrates building sub reports using nested tables.
  • Mapping and Sorting This example demonstrates using the Mapping and Sorting features of BIRT.
  • Parallel Report This example demonstrates how to build a report with parallel sections.
  • Highlighting and Conditional Formatting This example demonstrates how to add highlighting and conditional formatting to a BIRT report.
  • Grouping This example demonstrates building a grouped report in BIRT.

Archived Examples