Technical Reference


The ROM documentation is available in new "RomDoc" format complete with indexes, cross references, information taken directly from implementation, and so on. This version is an early draft. Note the following caveats:

  • Documentation is not yet done for the Style element and its properites.

  • Some elements have no documenation at all.

  • Some elements are not in Release 1. These show up in the index, but are not yet flagged as "reserved."

  • Some of the wording needs correction and improvement.

  • Overview text from the ROM specs are not yet incorporated. Refer to the ROM Specs below for this overview material.

Key features include:

  • A "Since" field indicates if the element or property is in Release 1.0, or is "reserved" for a future release.

  • Alphabetical index of structures and elements.

  • Lots of details such as data types, XML names, choice details, JavaScript types, etc.

  • Auto-generated from the implementation: prevents the specs from being out of sync with respect to the code.

Report Object Model Specification Suite

The Report Object Model (ROM) is the report design format that the ERD creates and the ERE executes. The following suite of documents provides a full description of the model. Note: these are the original design specs, and are now somewhat out of date with respect to the implementation. See the above "RomDocs" for the most recent details.

BPS Specifications

BIRT Project Specification documents.