Eclipse BaSyx is the open source implementation of key concepts defined by the Platform Industrie 4.0, such as the Asset Administration Shell.

The Eclipse BaSyx Platform provides ready-to-use components and extendable software development kits (SDK) for Java, C++ and C#.

BaSyx Features

Asset Administration Shells

Asset Administration Shells (AAS) implement the Digital Twin and serve as unified interfaces for manufacturing assets that are usually using heterogenous communication technologies.
Eclipse BaSyx supports AAS types 1, 2 and 3.

Lot Size 1 Production

Eclipse BaSyx enables a service-oriented production which is the key factor for a changeable production. Thus, an efficient lot size one is made possible.

End-to-end Communication

Eclipse BaSyx enables an end-to-end networking from shopfloor to IT level. This guarantees a continuous data access from IT systems to manufacturing devices.

IT Systems Connectivity

Eclipse BaSyx integrates ERP systems, MES and the IT infrastructure with unified interfaces. Data exchange between different IT systems is made easy.

Cloud Infrastructure

Shifting infrastructure according to demand is easy with Eclipse BaSyx’ cloud connectivity and container-based deployment.

Data Analysis

Realizing applications for manufacturing data analysis and dashboards is possible with Eclipse BaSyx’ ability of end-to-end communication and unified interfaces.