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The standard ATL install provides ATL Engine and IDE. With the standard version, you should only deal with EMF compliant models. To handle and transform other models, you should use specific driver. Additional drivers (MDR and UML2) are available the driver category. We recommend that you use the Eclipse Update Manager to install ATL. Use only the "Search for new features.." option when installing with Eclipse 3.3. All downloads are provided under the terms and conditions of the Eclipse Foundation Software User Agreement unless otherwise specified.

Update Sites

New to Eclipse and want to use ATL update site? Get Java, then install Eclipse 3.3 and EMF 2.3 and use Help -> Software Updates -> Search for new.. with the update site listed below.

2.0RC2 Update Sites

Binaries Build

2.0RC2 Binaries Build

  • ATL Toolkit: Engine, IDE, Ant Tasks and AM3 (Eclipse 3.3 & EMF 2.3)
  • UML2 driver for ATL
  • MDR driver for ATL

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