Each piece of advice is of the form

[ strictfp ] AdviceSpec [ throws TypeList ] : Pointcut { Body }
where AdviceSpec is one of

before( Formals )
runs before each join point
after( Formals ) returning [ ( Formal ) ]
runs after each join point that returns normally. The optional formal gives access to the returned value
after( Formals ) throwing [ ( Formal ) ]
runs after each join point that throws a Throwable. If the optional formal is present, runs only after each join point that throws a Throwable of the type of Formal, and Formal gives access to the Throwable exception value
after( Formals )
runs after each join point regardless of whether it returns normally or throws a Throwable
Type around( Formals )
runs in place of each join point. The join point can be executed by calling proceed, which takes the same number and types of arguments as the around advice.

Three special variables are available inside of advice bodies:

an object of type org.aspectj.lang.JoinPoint representing the join point at which the advice is executing.
equivalent to thisJoinPoint.getStaticPart(), but may use fewer runtime resources.
the static part of the dynamically enclosing join point.