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AspectJ 1.6.6 Readme

Bugs fixed

The complete list of issues resolved for AspectJ 1.6.6 can be found with this bugzilla query:



The features of Java5 (generics, autoboxing, covariance, etc) are being exploited in the AspectJ codebase. This does not in any way change the generated code or supported source code, or the dependencies that code has, but it *does* mean that AspectJ requires Java5 in order to run. The ability to use typed collections has already flushed out a few issues within the codebase, improving the quality of AspectJ.

Closing streams

Some routes through AspectJ were leaving inputstreams open and this has now been fixed. For example if supplying a user written configuration file for Lint options. Thanks to Michael Pradel for supplying patches to fix these issues.

Concurrency (281654)

Fix to address a problem seen when using the weaver in a highly concurrent environment. Thanks to Kristian Rosenvold for the patch.

Incremental compilation

A few fixes to problems seen only on incremental builds, problem areas included:

JavadocRunner in NetBeans

Fixed by a patch from Joseph A. Levin - thanks!

Various fixes/enhancements to the structure model to fix issues with feedback on weaving in AJDT